Fact Sheets

General Tree Health & Maintenance

Fact sheets in PDF format:

Advantages of Winter Pruning

Biochar Fact Sheet

Cambistat for Drought Stress Resistance

Cambistat for Injured Root Recovery

Cambistat to Reduce Growth and Increase Health

Chlorosis Fact Sheet

Girdling Roots Fact Sheet

Harmful Pruning Practices Fact Sheet

Large Property Mapping and Inventory

Mulching Benefits

Plant Health Care

Prescription Organic Matter Fact Sheet

Professional Tree Pruning Fact Sheet

Proper Tree Planting

Pruning Procedures

Recommended Shade Trees to Plant

Root Enhancement System Fact Sheet

Rootcare Fertilization Fact Sheet

Shrub Pruning

Stump Grinding

Tree Support Systems

Structural Pruning Fact Sheet

Tree Nutrition

Watering Drought Stressed Trees Fact Sheet

Winter Injury of Conifers