Tree and Shrub Growth Control Services in Minneapolis

Large trees are beautiful, stately, and valuable assets in any yard. However, trees that grow rapidly are not always in the best interest of your property, and homeowners often underestimate the mature size of a tree when planting. Many trees in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area are planted too close to houses, garages, power lines, sidewalks, and other structures. Their rapid growth can damage surrounding structures, and when there is limited space for the tree and its root system, the amount of water and nutrients available to the tree is reduced, which can contribute to poor tree health.

Our tree care experts can provide growth control treatments that slow the vegetative growth of trees and shrubs and improve their health. Schedule a consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists to develop a growth control plan that gives your trees their best chance to thrive! 

technician applying tree growth regulator to base of tree
consulting arborist measuring diameter of tree with DBH tape

What can you expect from our growth control service?

During your consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists, your trees or shrubs will be evaluated to determine if a growth control service is needed. The tree we see above ground is only half of the tree—our experts also consider the space necessary for the tree’s root system. Roots are vital to a tree’s health and can suffer damage from compacted soil, reducing the amount of air and water available, or construction activity that can sever or crowd roots out. 

Growth control treatments are recommended when:

  • There is limited space for the tree’s canopy or root system
  • The tree was planted in an area that is not large enough for its mature size
  • Tree roots are interfering with sidewalks, foundations, or other landscape features
  • The root system is circling the tree’s trunk, “choking” the tree (girdling roots)
  • The tree is intruding into a neighboring yard or structure

For optimal success, treatments are applied after pruning or trimming. In addition to extending the time between pruning cycles, controlling growth can benefit tree and shrub health by promoting fine root growth and increased drought tolerance. 

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Treecare?

We are Minnesota’s premier licensed and insured tree experts. With over 45 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, we are highly skilled in assessing and performing the services that enhance the health and longevity of your trees. Many factors contribute to a tree’s overall health, including site-specific concerns such as nutrient levels or compacted soil. Our tree experts will address the bigger picture to provide the best treatment outcomes. Additionally, one of our core values is safety. You can rest easy knowing our team will perform all services while taking every precaution to keep our staff, bystanders, and your property safe.

Additional frequently asked questions about growth control

Trees growing in cities or between buildings provide precious shade, natural beauty, and privacy. Unfortunately, these locations also make stressful growing environments. Using growth-regulating products as part of a comprehensive maintenance plan can allow arborists to preserve trees and extend the lives of these high-value natural assets. 

Specially formulated growth regulators are now available for use on shrubs, small trees, and bedding plants. These treatments reduce shoot growth and help plants maintain a compact, manicured look. They also provide the same benefits to root systems and plant health that are produced by the products used on trees.

Rainbow Treecare uses Cambistat, the industry’s leading growth regulator manufactured by our sister company Rainbow Ecoscience. Cambistat is used nationwide by arborists as the last step in the pruning process to extend trim cycles, increase profitability, and improve safety. Cambistat is also used to promote healthier trees by triggering secondary health benefits.

In addition to slowing growth, Cambistat provides secondary benefits:

  • Increases the growth of fine roots needed to pull water and nutrients from the soil
  • Helps trees tolerate drought and heat
  • Extends the life of a tree growing in a constricted space, such as near buildings or retaining walls

Contact Rainbow Treecare if you have growth concerns about any of your trees or shrubs!

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