Municipal Tree Care & Planning Services in Minnesota

The municipal tree care experts at Rainbow Treecare specialize in managing public trees and green infrastructure. We work with city foresters and planning departments across Minnesota to offer customized consulting services around street reconstruction, canopy cover, stormwater management, and plans for managing long-range concerns such as emerald ash borer (EAB). 

From small towns to large metro area cities and suburbs, our municipal consultants can partner with local staff to help your community define and achieve tree and green space goals. Whether you are ready to develop a plan, respond to a funding proposal, or are just learning about your community’s tree needs, our consultants are here to help. Contact us to schedule your municipal tree care consultation today!

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What can you expect from our municipal tree services?

Our municipal consultants can help your community maximize budget resources to achieve green space and tree-related goals. We offer planning, inventory management, budgeting, insect and  disease management, and support for effective communication with stakeholders along the way. 

Our customized approach begins with an intake to understand your city’s unique needs, including budgetary constraints, current understanding of tree inventory, and long-range urban canopy goals. Whether your community has a dedicated forestry staff or a smaller team whose members wear multiple hats, we can expand what your city is able to accomplish alone!

Our comprehensive inventory management and cost comparison tools support effective budget planning. Specializing allows our municipal experts to respond to the unique needs faced by the professionals caring for the trees in their community. We also stay current on pest and disease issues such as bur oak blight, oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, and emerald ash borer (EAB). For example, as EAB expands its footprint in Minnesota, we continue to help cities address questions their residents will have, including:

  • The cost of management
  • The environmental impact of treating or removing trees
  • Communicating their community’s plan

Working with community staff, city foresters, and planning departments has allowed us to quickly respond to the growing emerald ash borer (EAB) problem in Minnesota. Managing an issue like EAB is a team effort between our arborists, community leaders, and residential advocates. That’s why we’ve partnered with dozens of Minnesota cities to control this deadly invasive pest.  As a proud Twin Cities community member, Rainbow is supporting cities, neighborhood groups, homeowner advocates, and community leaders to help manage EAB together.

Rainbow Treecare offers inventory collection and management services for publicly owned trees. Our comprehensive inventory process includes documenting quantitative and qualitative assessments of urban forest assets with details including:

  • Tree location
  • Species
  • Health condition rating
  • Size

Inventory management of green infrastructure can be layered into your city’s gray infrastructure database to shape budget planning and decision making.

Invasive pest issues such as EAB have highlighted the importance of a quality tree inventory in predicting budgets and creating management plans. With this information, we can see beyond the predicted number of trees that will be affected and determine which neighborhoods are likely to be impacted the most. That means a pest such as EAB can be managed differently from one tree and location to the next.

After performing an inventory, we can make recommendations for services such as tree health improvement protocols or removal and replacement of trees located in parks, boulevards, and other public spaces. Emerging technology can even allow us to locate potential planting spaces and make recommendations around the size and type of tree! 

Consultants can also effectively communicate the results to agency staff, local officials, and community residents. The data files we create with geographic information systems (GIS) allow us to develop powerful advanced mapping tools that cities can use in their management efforts. With resources like these, our experts can help you explain your department’s goals around management plans, tree inventories, and large-scale removal projects.

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Treecare?

We are Minnesota’s premier licensed and insured tree experts. With over 45 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, we are highly skilled in assessing and performing the services that enhance the health and longevity of your trees. Many factors contribute to a tree’s overall health, including site-specific concerns such as nutrient levels or compacted soil. Our tree experts will address the bigger picture to provide the best treatment outcomes. Additionally, one of our core values is safety. You can rest easy knowing our team will perform all services while taking every precaution to keep our staff, bystanders, and your property safe.

Additional frequently asked questions about municipal tree services

As of January 2023, Rainbow Treecare has partnered with over 35 cities throughout the Twin Cities to treat public trees in parks and along boulevards. City partnerships are integral to Rainbow’s commitment to preserving our urban ecosystem. These partnerships also include a citywide discount to private property owners. Read more about our city partnerships and see if your city is on the list!

In addition to tree services, Rainbow Treecare also partners with municipalities to provide custom holiday lighting displays. This includes custom designs, purchase of commercial-grade lighting products, installation, maintenance through the season, take down, and storage of your lights!

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