Scary Tree Stories That Will Chill You to the Bone

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you may be well aware of the fact that we’re pretty big fans of trees. That kind of love and dedication doesn’t change with the seasons either. As the air begins to chill, and the nights become longer, some of our beloved trees begin to shed their efficient solar panels and take on the look of the iconic backdrop for our spookiest holiday of the year. 

To get you prepared for All Hallows’ Eve, we have collected some scary tree stories that are sure to make you sleep with the lights on.

Scary Trees
Photo by Matt Karst

Who put Bella in the wych elm?

In April of 1943, in the town of Worcestershire, England, four boys stumbled across the skeletal remains of a deceased woman that had been shoved into a cavity of a large wych elm. Upon further investigation, local police discovered an entire skeleton along with hair, some clothing, and a gold wedding ring. Officials were hopeful on identifying the woman due to a complete and unique dental pattern, but ended up with nothing. Some months later, mysterious messages started popping up around town reading Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? These messages reignited the investigation leading investigators down some new leads, but in the end led nowhere. There are some theories involving spy rings or witch hunts, but the case still remains open to this day.  Read more
Scary Trees
Photo by Matt Karst

Ghost trees of the coastal redwood forests

Scattered sporadically throughout the coastal forests of California, ghostly white redwoods stand amongst the forest’s typical green giants. With their bone white needles, these trees take on the appearance of wandering specters. Albino redwoods are not actually an urban legend or folklore, but exist in the real world. From everything we know about trees, one of the staples is that trees use chlorophyll to produce energy, and chlorophyll is green. So how is it that these trees even exist?

Some experts believe that these “ghost” trees are actually being supported by the surrounding root system of their neighboring redwoods. With an interconnected root system below ground, healthy redwoods siphon off nutrients to aid their struggling neighbors. What is even more interesting is the high concentration of heavy metals found in the needles of the albino trees. The hypothesis is that the ghost trees have faulty stomata, which causes them to take up more water through excessive transpiration resulting in a symbiotic relationship with their healthy counterparts. Read more about the coastal ghost redwoods.

Haunted forests from around the world

Forests everywhere have been praised for their overall serenity and calming abilities. However, not all forests have retained these endearing qualities over the years. Across the globe, rumors of creepy forests have popped up stating that the woods are haunted from incidents of years past. Some forests are said to be haunted by ghosts roaming the woods at night, or the Devil’s playground where rituals were once held. Check out this article that highlights 10 haunted forests around the world, and see if you are still brave enough to take that shortcut through the woods.

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