Tree Health Assessment, Consulting, & Diagnosis in Minnesota

Are you worried about the health of a tree or shrub in your landscape? Getting it assessed by one of our ISA Certified Arborists is the first step in learning how to improve its health. Whether you are worried about a potential insect or disease, such as emerald ash borer or oak wilt, or are seeing visible symptoms, we’re here to help.

If you recently moved into a new home, an assessment can also help you properly identify the trees and shrubs in your yard and give you a plan to care for them. Our trained experts can correctly identify, assess, diagnose, and provide treatment options for any landscape tree or shrub commonly found in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro. Schedule your tree health consultation today!

consulting arborist rolling up tape measure next to tree

What can you expect from our tree consultation service?

First, we assign our consulting arborists by territory, so you will have a consistent, familiar face to provide the best care plan for your trees. During your tree health assessment appointment, we walk through your property, take the time to learn about your goals, and understand any budgetary expectations. Your arborist will also conduct a partial or complete tree inventory to provide a long-term management plan for your property.

Having an arborist visit your property is necessary to visually inspect all trees and adequately diagnose insect, disease, or abiotic conditions. Additionally, an expert must perform a visual inspection to provide an accurate price estimate for tree pruning or removal services.

Included in your tree health assessment, consultation, and diagnosis:

  • A walkthrough to assess the trees in question, along with your property as a whole
  • An inventory of the trees and shrubs on your property, including the location, size, and species
  • Visual inspection of your trees and shrubs to diagnose any problems
  • A property map indicating the species, size, and location of your trees and shrubs
  • Recommended services and a pricing estimate to address any pest, disease, or structural concerns found

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Treecare?

We are Minnesota’s premier licensed and insured tree experts. With over 45 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, we are highly skilled in assessing and performing the services that enhance the health and longevity of your trees. Many factors contribute to a tree’s overall health, including site-specific concerns such as nutrient levels or compacted soil. Our tree experts will address the bigger picture to provide the best treatment outcomes. Additionally, one of our core values is safety. You can rest easy knowing our team will perform all services while taking every precaution to keep our staff, bystanders, and your property safe.

Additional frequently asked questions about tree assessment and diagnosis

An arborist must visit in person because each property is unique, and diagnosis must be done in person since multiple diseases and insects can impact the same tree species. We also appreciate the opportunity to get to know you in person if this is your first time meeting with one of our ISA Certified Arborists! After that, your arborist can conduct site visits without you present if you find that more convenient. After visiting your property, we will send a detailed set of recommendations and a cost estimate electronically.

One of our unique services, ideal for larger properties, is creating an electronic inventory of your trees and shrubs. Your inventory will include each tree’s species identification, a condition assessment, care recommendations, and a global positioning system (GPS) location. Then, this information is entered into a geographic information system (GIS) to map relevant trees and shrubs on site, ensuring that your landscape is considered as part of a holistic, long-range plan.

Like a doctor, an arborist considers many factors when diagnosing the health of a tree. First, the arborist will visually inspect the tree to identify insects or diseases and assess the growing conditions for abiotic (non-biological) concerns. If additional information is needed, your arborist may send soil samples or branch cuttings to a  lab for analysis.

Our team of experts includes qualified arborists with specialized training in tree risk assessment. Please request a tree risk assessment if you have a visible defect, such as a fracture, cavity (hole), or weak branch attachments, as these issues require that we send an arborist who has received this additional training. Risk assessments are a fee-based service not included in an initial walkthrough.

Schedule your tree health assessment, today!

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