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Been very pleased with all the services I have received from Rainbow Treecare. THey have been treating my Crabapple tree for years and it is healthier than ever. The same goes for my Spruce tree. Just had Paul and Dale out to plant a maple and an oak and they did an excellent job and took their time planting and explaining how to care for my new trees.

Jeff Shandorf
Jeff S.

Great job of tree removal, protecting the rest of the landscape, and cleanup.Again great job of stump removal. In our mulched area you can barely tell that trees were ever there.

Cecil Metz
Cecil M.

Extraordinary service! Exceptional expertise! We have been grateful clients for 25+ years — all always is awesome with Rainbow Treecare!


Amazing team – very responsive and professional. I can not say enough about how personable the crew was who came out to do the work. The job was done exactly as expected, but the friendliness of the crew was top notch. I would definitely contact Rainbow again for any future work.

Lisa Tesch
Lisa T.

Responsive and professional.

Benjamin Gosack
Benjamin G.

We had Rainbow TreeCare take out a huge Linden Tree recently. What an excellent crew and followup. They came back after the Winter and finished up some root work today and did a fantastic job. They are all professionals and treat the customers with respect and clean up the property afterwards so you hardly know they were there. Have used this company for many years on various projects and have been pleased every time. Their consulting arborists also give great advice.

John Daly
John D.

Everyone we interacted with at Rainbow Treecare provided great customer service – from Russell’s initial visit to the day of the trim (Kevin G., Frank J. and Justin P.). The crew showed up on time and were very professional, answering all of my questions. When they left, they were careful to neatly stack the debris, which was picked up within a couple of hours. I’d recommend Rainbow Treecare to anyone looking for a tree trim or removal!


We were very happy with the work Rainbow Treecare provided–removing overgrown and dead bushes, grinding up the stumps and cleaning up the yard when finished. We will go to them again in the future.

Sarah Storvick
Sarah S.

Rainbow is the best. Dan Bird replied right after a storm blew down a huge spruce. You can see the tree fell just past my neighbor’s chimney. It took out large lilac bushes, too. Rainbow marked my utility lines before grinding the stump. (Other companies regularly omit this step.) We cut back the lilac, which will grow back, and laid sod. Thanks to Rainbow for quickly and professionally clearing out the mess for a reasonable fee!!!

Deanna Bassett
Deanna B.

On time, professional, friendly, helpful. Job done per contract. Excellent service.

Gena Berglund
Gena B.

Excellent tree removal and trimming service for a reasonable price. Easy to work with and respectful of property!

Kali Wang
Kali W.

Very professional crew that took down a large ash tree. They knew what they were doing and did it very well. The damage to the lawn was at a minimum- branch by branch was lowered. Would definitely use Rainbow tree service when needed.

Lois Engelman
Lois E.

Rainbow Treecare trimmed our ornamental crab and our ash tree this morning and I must compliment the crew. They did a fantastic job…they were upbeat..polite..and a great example of people who like their job. Our arborist Eric Lundstrom has always been so helpful and accommodating to us as well..we have tree issues and without his good advice and their competent people we would have lost about 6 trees by now and they are thriving instead. We count on them every year! Thanks Rainbow!

Linda Peterson
Linda P.

Rainbow recently completed tree removal, pruning, and stump removal on three sites for our family. Despite difficult access issues the work was done to our complete satisfaction. We’re impressed by the professionalism and competence of all your representatives. We’ve recommended Rainbow to neighbors and family.

Dennis Peterson
Dennis P.

On July 23, two of my large trees were trimmed by Kevin, Frank and Justin. Ben Johnson set the work in place. Both of my trees are huge and in the middle of a perennial garden. I was so impressed how the crew did the trimming without any damage to the multitude of plants under the trees. It was as though they walked through my garden without leaving footprints. As a gardener, I am very pleased and grateful. I now realize that I need not have scheduled the tree trimming after the tours in my garden were over.

Barry Schade
Barry S.

Rainbow removed a tree and ground the stump for me. The service and personnel were very professional and efficient. Cleanup was excellent, especially for the grinding (Thank you, Reggie!). There was nothing left on the lawn or street. They even fluffed up the lawn with a blower, where machines had flattened the grass. Excellent!

Steve Burghardi
Steve B.

Love it! I work for Rainbow Lawncare

Michael Tieszen
Michael T.

They were awesome. Our arborist, Sarah Burgess, is super knowledgable, patient and understanding. She gave us lots of insights about our (very small) forest area, and the Minnetonka area in general as it relates to trees. She gave us the knowledge and confidence to think about trees long term. We also had a budget to work within and she helped us figure out the best approach. The team that came to do the work was polite, happy to explain their approach, and left the yard better than they found it. We’ll be bringing Rainbow back for future trimming, disease prevention and removals.

Tim Brunelle
Tim B.

Love the pizza!

Cathy Swope
Cathy S.

Great service always helpful with all tree care questions. Better service than other guys that have a name with the word Jet in them.

Alex Llamas
Alex L.

Very professional.

Judith Hogan
Judith H.

Fantastic company to do business with!

Nathan Heider
Nathan H.

Dan is easily one of the best and most knowledgeable arborists I’ve ever met. He did a great job advising me about my trees, suggested treatments for the big ones, and didn’t try to sell me anything. Highly recommend!

Laura O
Laura O

Outstanding organization. Very good.

Cathy Townley
Cathy T.

Reggie removed our stump today, finishing off a very professionally executed service. He was careful to communicate with me, discussed the scope of his work, asked for input, was careful and neat, and is just a funny guy, to boot! Once again, we couldn’t be happier with Rainbow Tree Care. I recommend them to everyone I know – the only group we want to consult with and care for our trees.

Ann Hobbie
Ann H.

We have a large yard with eighty or more mature Bur Oak trees on our farm. Rainbow comes out periodically to check on the health of each tree. Fortunately they have prevented us from losing any of these beautiful trees by recognizing Bur Oak Blight and Chestnut Borers and then treating them.

Nancy Bauer
Nancy B.

Love these guys. We’ve worked with them, as needed, for years; they’re treating several large Elm trees and keeping them alive.You can probably find cheaper people to do this, but I don’t think you find better.

Carlos Florez
Carlos F.

Professional tree surgeon came out and inoculated our tree and left detailed documentation. Price seemed fair and now we have a safe ash tree!

Sean Gilbertson
Sean G.

We have had wonderful service from Rainbow over the past 17 years in large part due to Kent Honl. I highly recommend Rainbow for tree services. It’s a great company.

Bonnie L. Theis
Bonnie L. T.

Rainbow tree care- staff, crew, customer service, emergency tree care, they go above and beyond. Troy Mason and his associates are the best and I would reccomend them to anyone who needs special tree care or is in need of any type of tree analysis. Will be a loyal customer.

Natalie Northrup
Natalie N.

The Rainbow crew did an excellent job cleaning up our yard. Since we had a black walnut tree go down, we invited an older gentleman who was interested in wood turning come over; the crew went out of their way to help him load several pieces of the trunk into his car. We will gladly use this company again.

June McKinney
June M.

Easy to deal with. Very smooth process for obtaining estimate and services. Reasonable pricing.

Sandra Mcgehee
Sandra M.

Rainbow did a high-quality job taking down, hauling away, and de-stumping our former corkscrew willow tree. Promised schedules for each of the three phases were reliably kept. And the clean-up was remarkably thorough, leaving not a twig. We’ll definitely keep Rainbow in mind for future work!

John Wilson
John W.

I asked Rainbow to prune a Crabtree that I had in my backyard. First they had an arborist visit and look at what I had and get my feedback for what I was looking for in the pruning. The crew arrived today with “Q” taking the lead. there were 2 others, I think one of their names was Trent. These were wonderful, customer oriented tree trimming professionals. who did a fabulous job and my tree is beautiful. thank you Rainbow!!

Betty Keohokalole
Betty K.

Very impressed by Rainbow, they’re knowledgeable and professional through and through. I will be using them for treatments and consults this year and going forward and would gladly recommend to others!

Ryan Hawkins
Ryan H.

Excellent all around experience. Reggie did a great job with the stump grinding.

The ShoeIn
The S.

I’ve worked with Rainbow Tree Care on and off for 10 years. I’ve found their arborists are very well educated and professional. They’ve always given me solid advice and the work I’ve had done has been excellent. I agree with the other reviewer in that their pricing seems very high for the market, I have used several of this company’s services and their price point is always one of the highest bids I get. Their crews did a good job differentiating their work from other tree services however I haven’t found any significant benefit from their technique over other services. In the future I will consider Rainbow for difficult problems and maybe to keep my large old oaks healthy if I’m unable to find someone else that’s as competent with more competitive pricing. I’ve had very positive experiences working with Rainbow but I had to dock a star because of my experience with the cost / benefit. A great company overall, but expensive for what you get.

Shad Owen
Shad O.

The Rainbow Tree guys are FANTASTIC! After the recent wind storm, we had a large oak limb come down. Dave came right out to evaluate the situation, and we agreed that we’d treat the tree for oak wilt. The treatment crew – Kevin, Andrew and Shawn came out quickly and treated the tree and also helped by cutting up the thicker parts of the giant limb that fell, making it much easier for us to clean it all up. The guys were so responsive, helpful and friendly. Highly recommend Rainbow Treecare! Thank you!

J Martin
J M.

Got rid of my pests, totally worth the contract, haven’t had any mouse activities since they sealed my foundation and professional, polite, worth every penny!

the lovely Cleo
the lovely C.

I had Rainbow Treecare remove a severely diseased Buckeye tree and stump and was thoroughly satisfied with their work. In particular, for the stump removal, they had available an amazingly versatile piece of heavy equipment designed to both grind the stump and mix the wood into the soil. In our case, the equipment, which weighs 3000 pounds, had to be maneuvered through a three foot gate opening from a sloped driveway, down a step, across a stone walkway and lawn without damaging any of this. The operator, Reggie, was incredibly skilled at working with the equipment and was able to accomplish the task without any damage. He was also very professional.

Edward Shinbach
Edward S.

I had the BEST experience with them! I would definitely recommend them. Their team was knowledgeable, very professional and friendly and did a wonderful job with trimming our tree. My mother used them for trimming and also they put up lights in her tree for the holidays and recommended them and I’m glad she did!!!

Cindi Kranz
Cindi K.

Very professional. Answered all questions. They took down a maple tree and trimmed the elm tree. The team of Kevin, Tom and Bree did a great job. Very impressed. Cleaned everything up better than from before!

Vicki Ann
Vicki A.

Wonderful service! Our tree looks beautiful, it’s niceto have professionals do such a hard job in such cold temperatures. A very polite three person team started at 8 in the morning at a freezing 1° above zero. I certainly would never of done that, so kudos to your team, everything was all cleaned up and taken away in three hours. I highly recommend your company to everyone needing tree care pruning services.

Michael Homyak
Michael H.

To Rainbow Tree Care, I am writing to express my wife and my appreciation for the service that your people provided in trimming our 100 year old oak in our backyard. The tree looks great and no longer serves as a threat to our roof and the roof of our neighbor. At the time our tree was trimmed this winter, the crew said they would stop by to pick up the smaller branches this spring. They picked up the branches in a timely manner and, to our surprise, also the branches on the roof on our porch and house. This was greatly appreciated because I am a little shaky on my feet and no longer do the roof climbing bit for fear of falling. This morning, Matt and Marcus returned to pick up more branches. I thought they went “above and beyond the call of duty”. They were wonderful! We are very satisfied with the services provided by Rainbow and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks. The quality of work and the friendliness of your employees deserve the highest recommendation I can give. Thank you very much. Dean H. Kriesel

Dean Kriesel
Dean K.

Aways responsive and professional. Rainbow takes great care of my Elm Trees. Thank you!

Claire Dempsey
Claire D.

We contracted with Rainbow to consult with us about our trees. Nick Kantola, one of their arborist, came to our home and provided recommendations. We were impressed with his expertise. He took the time to respond to all of our questions and advised us on how we could do some of the work. He also made several recommendations on what Rainbow could do for us along with the costs. We accepted all of his recommendations.A team from Rainbow came to our home today to complete all of their accepted recommendations for trimming our trees. We were highly impressed with the work that Andrew, Joseph, and John did. They were both professional and knowledgeable. The trees look much better now. This team also did a terrific job of cleaning up all the branches and leaves from our yard. We definitely recommend Rainbow Tree Care to others!

Joe Towner
Joe T.

Rainbow Treecare has helped us to maintain a healthy landscape by diagnosing diseased trees and removing them. Most recently, they removed three diseased elm trees from our yard. Our concern was to preserve recent landscaping that was completed this summer. Rainbow’s staff understood our concerns and went the extra mile to preserve all plants, even those at the base of the trees. I HIGHLY recommend them to you! Their staff are real professionals and they treat you right!

Steve Waters
Steve W.

We had a dead Rowan tree in our front yard and scheduled a removal and stump grinding. Both teams came and went before we noticed them. The jobs were done and finished with no disruptions.

Jack Gay
Jack G.

Excellent service and attention to detail!

Eric Rosendahl
Eric R.

Thank you Ben Johnson for cutting down a tree and Tom Carlson who made quick work of stump removal and clean up. He was helpful and professional. Thank You Rainbow Treecare for another successful job.

Nancy DeShane
Nancy D.

I rely on my arborist’s expert advice. My trees are thriving, nicely shaped and survive storms without a lot of debris in my yard or my neighbors’ yards.

Ann Sparks
Ann S.

Easy to work with, very knowledgeable, friendly, customer focused.

Lee Janet Nelson
Lee Janet N.

Dan Byrd definitely went the extra mile to make certain my tree-needs were met. My tree looks so healthy now and I am 100% satisfied with both my tree and the bill. Thank you, Dan

barb miller
barb M.

Your personnel did an excellent jpob and informed on how and what they were going to have made a life time customer

Charles Lott
Charles L.

Kevin Dudley treated my Ash tree as requested. He called me on the way as I had asked and was on time. Most friendly and explained the process well.Yes, I’d want him to treat my trees again.

Jack Mueller
Jack M.

Great experience working with Rainbow Tree Care. The City of Woodbury contracted with Rainbow to offer Woodbury residents a discount on treating ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer. Good choice! “Charles,” the arborist, originally came out and looked at all the trees because we were also interested in some trimming. Such a nice guy and he really knew his trees. We received a quote within one day, detailed as to exactly what they would be doing and a map of our yard with the exact trees that would be worked on. The office at Rainbow kept in touch, letting us know about when we would be scheduled, and then a specific date and time. The crew came out and trimmed our trees. Great guys! Then a crew came out and picked up all the branches with a special machine. Lastly, we were informed that the technician to treat the ash trees would be out in the next few days, which also happened. Every aspect of working with Rainbow Tree Care was pleasant. The prices were reasonable and we really appreciated the City of Woodbury recommending such a great company. We will continue to call them for any lawn needs we have, and have already recommended them to others in the community.

Minnesota Sue
Minnesota S.

Fabulous job taking down an enormous Blue Spruce and grinding out the trunk and roots. Helpful, efficient, friendly, easy-to-work with. Would highly recommend them.

Amy Sparks
Amy S.

I have used Rainbow Treecare several times and always have been impressed with their employee’s knowledge and excellent customer service provided. PJ Zobeck, Consulting Arborist, is a professional who went above and beyond to ensure, that as a customer, I understood the dutch elm tree options and the risks that I may be taking while never pressuring along the way. He has a strong passion and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and make the customer happy. I had a rush project to trim trees, as we are selling our home and wanted the pictures to look good, so he did the treecare work himself to ensure that my timeline was met even though it included a Saturday. He gives 110% to his customer! I highly recommend PJ and Rainbow Treecare.

Betty Mattson
Betty M.

Reggie did a fantastic job on the stump removal. Very careful about his work and made sure the clean up was perfect. It is so nice to see someone care about doing a good job!

James Froemming
James F.

These guys make my Christmas lights look like my house is from the movie Christmas Vacation. Thanks!!

Adam T. Shaw
Adam T. S.

Rainbow Tree Care and Jeff Rick (Consulting Arborist), have provided us with the finest of service in caring for our trees over the years. Jeff’s advice, attention to detail and immediate follow-up on post servicing issues are much appreciated! A great company with great employees!

Gary Hanus
Gary H.

We had a very large elm in our backyard in a very tricky spot for removal. Rainbow gave us a very competitive bid and with their stellar reputation it was an easy choice. The whole process from start to finish was very professional. They coordinated everything from the guys on the ground to the crane they brought in to lift the logs over our house. And they left our yard immaculate. Great overall experience.

Jeffrey Wedren
Jeffrey W.

Thank you, “Stump Whisperer Crew” (Reggie, Tom, Dave, and John), for pulling out the two ginormous stumps in our yard and leaving the yard in perfect shape for reseeding! The best!

Greg Youmans
Greg Y.

Used for EAB protection on two ash trees. Very well priced in Brooklyn Park, MN area. Flawless communication before and prompt, as promised service. No complaints.

Schemendra Latchman
Schemendra L.

One of Rainbow’s consulting arborists (Eric) has come out to diagnose tree health issues on my property twice now at no charge for the diagnostic and his passion and knowledge for helping customers diagnose the root cause is so helpful.

Brian Hauge
Brian H.

We had to have a tree removed over a sprinkler system. The worker did an excellent job of carefully removing the stump to not disturb or damage the pvc pipe. We are very happy with how this went.

Cathryn Gould
Cathryn G.

Rainbow Treecare was very professional. They actually arrived earlier than their scheduled time which was fine with us. They had all of our trees trimmed in about an hour and the truck came about 45 minutes later to clean everything up. By the time everything was all said and done it looked like nothing had touched the ground. We would definitely use them again. They are reasonably priced too.


We had a whole series of tree and bush stumps ground. Reggie was very friendly and professional. Heand I reviewed the site and discussed the needsand approach before any work began. He was very responsible about placing barriers around the equipment to protect all nearby structures. Now we can prepare the site for new plantings and continue to improve our landscape. A job well done. Thanks!

Thomas Edmond
Thomas E.

Could not be happier with the service and expertise. Total pros all the way around, courteous and perfectionists. We had a very tight situation between houses and not a single branch touched either home during the takedown. Truly impressed with whole process. Crew was more than accommodating and left the area cleaner than when they arrived. Tim, Ross, Marcus, Jesse and RJ are the best. Would highly recommend this company. You get what you pay for!

Mark Potter
Mark P.

Top notch tree service. Cannot say enough positive things about them. Sam N. was professional and friendly. Very good communicator. Even knocked on my next door neighbor’s door to let them know about the chemical spraying.


Rainbow took down 2 large trees and did so professionally, being careful not to damage my fence and vegetable garden nearby. They cleaned up all of the debris so it was hard to tell there even was any. Great job with a reasonable price!

Dan & Mike HawkWelter
Dan & Mike H.

We highly recommend Rainbow Treecare! We needed to have a couple trees removed and they did an immaculate job with removal and cleaning up. Also helped with fertilizer and applying preventative treatment for our ash tress. Very knowledgeable staff and professional crews!

Melissa Grund
Melissa G.

Over the past years, I have had a variety of services performed by Rainbow. I find them to be very knowledgeable when it comes to tree and lawn care. I don’t think there is anyone in Minnesota who knows more about EAB than Rainbow. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are very professional and honest, pricing for services are very fair. They know what they are doing. Employees are very customer orientated.I had a treatment for grub control done today, Teng came out and performed the service. Not only did he treat for grub control, but he gave me some suggestions as to why the grass was beginning to thin out in an area of my lawn. I had asked several different lawn care business’ as to what the problem was, they really weren’t sure. Teng knew immediately what the problem was, due to his quick diagnosis, he saved me lots of money. Not only was Teng very knowledgeable, but he exhibits great customer service skills, he is a definite asset to Rainbow.

Eileen Keetley
Eileen K.

Charles Kastern , an arborist for Rainbow Treecare, offered a combination of astute tree knowledge and a sincere caring and compassion about our property and us as customers . We were facing both root and pest issues with our 11 spruce trees. Our trees were an investment due to how large and mature they were at planting and very important to us to provide us privacy. The trees had been planted to deeply by the builder’s landscaping company and the issue was the roots were not thriving and lower branches were growing into the soil. We also had a new tree mite issue this past year that further compromise the health of our trees . Charles offered a solid plan for all the issuers at a reasonable cost . Due to our crazy summer schedule we had to reschedule service twice and he was more then flexible with phone calls back to us and rescheduling with his team conducting the service . I honestly felt as though we were family to him regarding how much he cared. We would highly recommend Charles Kastern and Rainbow Tree care for any of your tree related issues . They have been amazing and our trees are looking great .


Excellent work. Had an arborist (Matt Suzukida) come out and assess the state of a buckeye in our yard. He confirmed it was healthy but after talking to me, we agreed we should prune the tree and raise the canopy. The crew that handled the pruning and canopy raising did an outstanding job and were careful of my neighbor’s flowerbeds. The did quick, careful work and did an outstanding job cleaning up after themselves. I can highly recommend Matt as well as the rest of the crew from Rainbow Treecare. When that tree needs to come down, I have no reservations about calling Rainbow and having their crew handle the job. Thanks for the professional job and the excellent care.

Eric Heidel
Eric H.

The trees were cared for within the rainbow

Joe Johnson
Joe J.

Great place to get tree services and experts in their field

Spencer Anderson
Spencer A.

Reggie did a great job of grinding down my stumps and cleaning up after.He was friendly and went above and beyond.

Kate Durkin
Kate D.

Gave notice…prompt presence, Carter even shut then reopened and then closed windows near tree. Many years customer. Always a good experience.

Erica Stern
Erica S.

Rainbow Treecare has consistently provided us with prompt, courteous, and expert service. In particular, Jesse Belter has given us excellent advice and service throughout the years.

James Strom
James S.

Very professional and friendly(Levi Peyton), did a good job with pruning a couple of trees. Would definitely call them again.

Raj Banerjee
Raj B.

Timely, effiecient and competent. Very pleased with recommendation, service and outcome. Highly recommned.

RM Anderson

Rainbow Treecare did an outstanding job for me recently in taking care of a tree in my back yard that had split and dropped half of the treetop into my yard and onto my neighbor’s power, phone and cable lines. Once Xcel Energy had removed branches that touched the electric lines, Rainbow made a point of getting out to take care of all the rest of the damage right away. My tree and yard posed interesting, almost overwhelming, challenges, both in terms of working around all the wires involved, ease of access, and disposing of all debris after trimming the tree as much as it needed. Kudos to the arborist, Russell Kennedy, who worked diligently with me to make this all happen and to the crew, who worked very hard and very creatively to take care of all the obstacles presented by this project. Work was all done well with no additional damage to my or the neighbor’s property and everything was cleaned up the way I wanted before they left. Very happy to work with a company and crews that are so responsive, helpful and devoted to providing excellent service. Will definitely use them again for other work.

Judith Dykes
Judith D.

I’ve had Rainbow Treecare treat my crabapple tree for scab every spring for a few years, and I have had them prune a maple a couple of times. On every occasion they have done a fine job. Whenever I have interacted with the people doing the work they have been courteous and professional.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff P.

We had a number of trees trimmed and removed. Tom and his crew were extremely professional, courteous and receptive to all questions and requests. Reggie also did a great job removing the tree stumps including cleaning up and ensuring the heavy equipment did not damage our lawn. The gentleman who operated the truck that picked up all large piles of tree branches and logs was also very meticulous. We would highly recommend Rainbow.

Bob Gillman
Bob G.

Yesterday we had Rainbow Tree Care take out a tree stump, actually the remaining part of the stump that our previous tree care company didn’t finish. We worked with Reggie and Justin. They did an extremely professional job on this task. And they were quick about it. They both spoke highly about the company that they were working for. They said it was a great company to work for. In my opinion, the only reason Rainbow is a great company is that they have engaged employees that are as good as Reggie and Justin. They were efficient, personable and were concerned that we approved of the job that they did before they left. As a company you are lucky to have employees like these two gentlemen.

Kathy Staffa
Kathy S.

Rainbow does great work and I trust them 100% with my trees. Reggie and Emmanul are particularly awesome.

Mike Schwartz
Mike S.

I’ve never experienced such a high caliber of work ethic through and through from a service company. From the office to the field (my house!), the staff and superior service at Rainbow are second to none. Their pricing is very fair, but to know you’ve hired true professionals is priceless. Thank you, again, for your service!

Jason Howell
Jason H.

Received tree removal (Kyle, Persie & Chuck), stump grinding (Reggie & Dave) and insecticide application services. Arborist (Will) that gave consultation was extremely knowledgeable about all of the trees in our yard as well as the soil composition of the area where we live and how that affects our trees. He gave well informed care recommendations for our trees without being pushy. All services were completed in a timely manner with thorough cleanup (even picking up tree removal pile on a Saturday) and minimal disruption to my yard given the tree/stump removal was in a difficult backyard location and we received a lot of rain recently. Would highly recommend their services.

Amy Krier
Amy K.

Rainbow Treecare has been great to work with. Troy Mason and his crews gets stuff done early, on budget and leave the site clean. Rainbow even cleaned up a big mess that Xcel left in our backyard after the storms. It’s rare to find a service company that cares as much as Rainbow Treecare.

Brian Googins
Brian G.

Talk about responsive. We had a very large tree fall across our drive, it was hung up and we were unable to get out. I called the office at 8 and Dan was at our place at 9 and the crew with saws and truck were there by 11:30. Good guys who knew exactly what to do and they had it cut up, loaded and cleaned up by 1:30.Great service, fair price.

John Lewman
John L.

Second time using Rainbow Tree to treat our trees. Very satisfied with our service. Tyler was friendly and thorough. We plan to continue to use this company to treat our Ash trees.

Karen Hennen
Karen H.

Rainbow Treecare removed buckthorn and trimmed a number of our trees. My interaction was with Andrew and Kevin. Extremely personable and professional young men. Ww were very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them.Roger and Kathy Przytarski

Kathy Przytarski
Kathy P.

From the arborist to the schedulers to the tree removers – great service. Attentive, responsive, professional, skilled and everything you’d expect when losing a treasured tree!


Stump grinding work done today at my house. Excellent job! Exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this very competent crew. Good communicators; they are very careful with surrounding plants; extremely polite. Did a thorough job of cleaning up after the work was done. Their prices are very competitive and, in fact, was the lowest bid I had for the work. Great value for the cost. THANKS

Mary Olson
Mary O.

Marcus, Joe,Tim and Nat did an excellent job trimming trees and removing a huge area of overgrown buckthorn from our property. They arrived on time, with all the proper equipment and safely completed the project thoroughly and in the timeframe promised. Clean up was excellent and we will definitely utilize their services again.

Nancy Allaire Koch
Nancy Allaire K.

Great company to business with! Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable!

Nicholas Mondragon
Nicholas M.

I’ve been receiving services from Rainbow Treecare the last few years. Generally it’s a little more expensive than average but they’re very professional so definitely “you get what you pay for”. They clean up well when they leave. They also have email reminder and summary report which makes it easy to track. But the last exp erience was less than perfect. I gave them my feedback and they addressed it right away. No arguing/debating, more of a how can we make you a satisfied customer? Which I truly appreciate.

An Hoang
An H.

We’ve been using Rainbow Tree for a year and they’ve been professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They communicate well and are timely and efficient. They’ve taken really good care of our trees and we’ve been really happy with their service.

Heather Horgen
Heather H.

Excellent work by Kevin, Frank, and Justin! Great communication, and cleaned the yard up well. Have used Rainbow before and will use them again!

Judee x
Judee x

Very professional, clean and courtesy.

Mik Mis
Mik M.

Great job trimming our Linden tree, part of which was resting on our power line. Nice job coordinating with Xcel. Very professional and courteous crew!

T Heath
T H.

Troy Mason with Rainbow Tree Company is the Best. A True Asset to the company. The whole company is Awesome. They take care of a wide range of the services provided by them. Not only are they Tree experts. They know about the critters that damage the trees. They are the Best!!

Geoffrey Knapp
Geoffrey K.

Engaged them several times now – the service has always been above my expectations. They have worked with us on tree trimming, storm damage and tree removal and have always exceeded our expectations. Each time our contact Troy has gone above and beyond to make our experience better than we ever expected. We will always recommend Rainbow to our friends and neighbors. Leban works for Rainbow, is a neighbor and a true gift to the tree Care community.

Maria Huntley
Maria H.

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Saluting Branches LogoCreated by Rainbow Treecare in 2015, Saluting Branches is a certified non-profit organization dedicated to providing tree care services to honor our veterans and keep their cemeteries safe, beautiful places for all those who visit. This year over 3,800 volunteers participated at 66 national cemeteries across the US. This resulted in over $3.8 million worth of services for our nation's heroes!

The 5th Annual Saluting Branches was held on Wed, Sept. 18, 2019.

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