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Love the pizza!

Cathy Swope
Cathy S.

Easy to deal with. Very smooth process for obtaining estimate and services. Reasonable pricing.

Sandra Mcgehee
Sandra M.

Wonderful service! Our tree looks beautiful, it’s niceto have professionals do such a hard job in such cold temperatures. A very polite three person team started at 8 in the morning at a freezing 1° above zero. I certainly would never of done that, so kudos to your team, everything was all cleaned up and taken away in three hours. I highly recommend your company to everyone needing tree care pruning services.

Michael Homyak
Michael H.

Professional services with friendly staff

Tammy Ninnemann
Tammy N.

Used for EAB protection on two ash trees. Very well priced in Brooklyn Park, MN area. Flawless communication before and prompt, as promised service. No complaints.

Schemendra Latchman
Schemendra L.

I received Emerald Ash Borer tree care from Rainbow Treecare. The City of Columbia Heights recommended this provider and I’m completely satisfied with their service. I’m thankful City was proactive for protecting the ash trees in this area!

JND King

I asked Rainbow to prune a Crabtree that I had in my backyard. First they had an arborist visit and look at what I had and get my feedback for what I was looking for in the pruning. The crew arrived today with “Q” taking the lead. there were 2 others, I think one of their names was Trent. These were wonderful, customer oriented tree trimming professionals. who did a fabulous job and my tree is beautiful. thank you Rainbow!!

Betty Keohokalole
Betty K.

Charles Kastern , an arborist for Rainbow Treecare, offered a combination of astute tree knowledge and a sincere caring and compassion about our property and us as customers . We were facing both root and pest issues with our 11 spruce trees. Our trees were an investment due to how large and mature they were at planting and very important to us to provide us privacy. The trees had been planted to deeply by the builder’s landscaping company and the issue was the roots were not thriving and lower branches were growing into the soil. We also had a new tree mite issue this past year that further compromise the health of our trees . Charles offered a solid plan for all the issuers at a reasonable cost . Due to our crazy summer schedule we had to reschedule service twice and he was more then flexible with phone calls back to us and rescheduling with his team conducting the service . I honestly felt as though we were family to him regarding how much he cared. We would highly recommend Charles Kastern and Rainbow Tree care for any of your tree related issues . They have been amazing and our trees are looking great .


Love it! I work for Rainbow Lawncare

Michael Tieszen
Michael T.

Great service always helpful with all tree care questions. Better service than other guys that have a name with the word Jet in them.

Alex Llamas
Alex L.

We could not be more pleased with the lilac trimming project your crew completed yesterday. Simply put, it is perfect.In addition to the quality trimming, we were so impressed with your 3-person crew. They arrived with a level of positive energy second to none (including smiles). They are truly an asset to Rainbow Treecare, and we look forward to repeat projects with Rainbow.

Michael Shields
Michael S.

We’ve been using Rainbow Tree for a year and they’ve been professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They communicate well and are timely and efficient. They’ve taken really good care of our trees and we’ve been really happy with their service.

Heather Horgen
Heather H.

They were awesome. Our arborist, Sarah Burgess, is super knowledgable, patient and understanding. She gave us lots of insights about our (very small) forest area, and the Minnetonka area in general as it relates to trees. She gave us the knowledge and confidence to think about trees long term. We also had a budget to work within and she helped us figure out the best approach. The team that came to do the work was polite, happy to explain their approach, and left the yard better than they found it. We’ll be bringing Rainbow back for future trimming, disease prevention and removals.

Tim Brunelle
Tim B.

Stump grinding work done today at my house. Excellent job! Exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this very competent crew. Good communicators; they are very careful with surrounding plants; extremely polite. Did a thorough job of cleaning up after the work was done. Their prices are very competitive and, in fact, was the lowest bid I had for the work. Great value for the cost. THANKS

Mary Olson
Mary O.

The 3 people who trimmed our trees at our property in Prior Lake today were outstanding! They worked hard and steadily for hours and cleaned up afterward. They arrived wearing masks until they started working in the trees. They left our trees with healthy growth and opening up our view of the lake. THANK YOU!!

Cheryl Spath-Karges
Cheryl S.

We had a dead Rowan tree in our front yard and scheduled a removal and stump grinding. Both teams came and went before we noticed them. The jobs were done and finished with no disruptions.

Jack Gay
Jack G.

Responsive and professional.

Benjamin Gosack
Benjamin G.

I had them treat my ash tree for Emerald Ash Borer. Such an easy process and contact-free, which is important to me during the coronavirus pandemic. Reasonable cost and very professional. Have recommended them to neighbors.

Melissa Moskalik
Melissa M.

Our neighbors had their tree trimmed yesterday. What a great, clean, professional crew. Safety seems to be a priority! Great job!

Lynn Horst
Lynn H.

Professional tree surgeon came out and inoculated our tree and left detailed documentation. Price seemed fair and now we have a safe ash tree!

Sean Gilbertson
Sean G.

Rainbow Tree Care did an excellent job clearing deadwood from very tall trees. Everything was cleaned up beautifully at the end of the day. I strongly recommend this company.

Hallie Mann
Hallie M.

The Rainbow crew did an excellent job cleaning up our yard. Since we had a black walnut tree go down, we invited an older gentleman who was interested in wood turning come over; the crew went out of their way to help him load several pieces of the trunk into his car. We will gladly use this company again.

June McKinney
June M.

I would highly recommend Rainbow Tree Care services to anyone who values their home and landscaping. This is our first experience with them and we were impressed with how effiecient and friendly they are!

Molly Nicholson
Molly N.

Second time using Rainbow Tree to treat our trees. Very satisfied with our service. Tyler was friendly and thorough. We plan to continue to use this company to treat our Ash trees.

Karen Hennen
Karen H.

They were prompt, knowledgeable and professional. Reggie the gentleman that came to grind down our tree stumps was the friendliest guy and was really helpful in answering all of my questions. Thanks Rainbow & Reggie!

Ryan Clark
Ryan C.

We had a crew ( Hannah, Jack, Ally and Jeff, led by Paul) who treated our elm trees to prevent Dutch Elm disease. They arrived on time, wore masks (because of Covid 19), and worked non stop. Paul kept us in the loop each step of the way. You couldn’t ask for better service. We have our elm trees treated, as recommended, every three years. Rainbow crews are always a pleasure to work with.

Catherine Gray
Catherine G.

We contracted with Rainbow to consult with us about our trees. Nick Kantola, one of their arborist, came to our home and provided recommendations. We were impressed with his expertise. He took the time to respond to all of our questions and advised us on how we could do some of the work. He also made several recommendations on what Rainbow could do for us along with the costs. We accepted all of his recommendations.A team from Rainbow came to our home today to complete all of their accepted recommendations for trimming our trees. We were highly impressed with the work that Andrew, Joseph, and John did. They were both professional and knowledgeable. The trees look much better now. This team also did a terrific job of cleaning up all the branches and leaves from our yard. We definitely recommend Rainbow Tree Care to others!

Joe Towner
Joe T.

Excellent job, staff very easy to work with. Thank you Franklin

Brad Christensen
Brad C.

Rainbow Treecare has consistently provided us with prompt, courteous, and expert service. In particular, Jesse Belter has given us excellent advice and service throughout the years.

James Strom
James S.

Great experience working with Rainbow Tree Care. The City of Woodbury contracted with Rainbow to offer Woodbury residents a discount on treating ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer. Good choice! “Charles,” the arborist, originally came out and looked at all the trees because we were also interested in some trimming. Such a nice guy and he really knew his trees. We received a quote within one day, detailed as to exactly what they would be doing and a map of our yard with the exact trees that would be worked on. The office at Rainbow kept in touch, letting us know about when we would be scheduled, and then a specific date and time. The crew came out and trimmed our trees. Great guys! Then a crew came out and picked up all the branches with a special machine. Lastly, we were informed that the technician to treat the ash trees would be out in the next few days, which also happened. Every aspect of working with Rainbow Tree Care was pleasant. The prices were reasonable and we really appreciated the City of Woodbury recommending such a great company. We will continue to call them for any lawn needs we have, and have already recommended them to others in the community.

Minnesota Sue
Minnesota S.

Easiest company to work with for tree care. They gave great advise and were very responsive. I have a willow tree that looks 10 time better after they pruned it and they were able to treat an ash tree of mine. Would recommend calling them for any tree needs!

mitch grengs
mitch G.

Excellent all around experience. Reggie did a great job with the stump grinding.

The ShoeIn
The S.

Rainbow is the best. Dan Bird replied right after a storm blew down a huge spruce. You can see the tree fell just past my neighbor’s chimney. It took out large lilac bushes, too. Rainbow marked my utility lines before grinding the stump. (Other companies regularly omit this step.) We cut back the lilac, which will grow back, and laid sod. Thanks to Rainbow for quickly and professionally clearing out the mess for a reasonable fee!!!

Deanna Kim Bassett
Deanna Kim B.

Reggie did a fantastic job on the stump removal. Very careful about his work and made sure the clean up was perfect. It is so nice to see someone care about doing a good job!

James Froemming
James F.

Large tree leaning against the deck, hanging over the house. appraisal and site inspection provided by John S. Removal by the “nite crew” Tom, lead; Sam and Randi able body assistants. Excellent job removing, not one branch hit the house. Always ask for the Nite Crew

dave s
dave s

Easy to work with, very knowledgeable, friendly, customer focused.

Lee Janet Nelson
Lee Janet N.

Rainbow Treecare did an outstanding job for me recently in taking care of a tree in my back yard that had split and dropped half of the treetop into my yard and onto my neighbor’s power, phone and cable lines. Once Xcel Energy had removed branches that touched the electric lines, Rainbow made a point of getting out to take care of all the rest of the damage right away. My tree and yard posed interesting, almost overwhelming, challenges, both in terms of working around all the wires involved, ease of access, and disposing of all debris after trimming the tree as much as it needed. Kudos to the arborist, Russell Kennedy, who worked diligently with me to make this all happen and to the crew, who worked very hard and very creatively to take care of all the obstacles presented by this project. Work was all done well with no additional damage to my or the neighbor’s property and everything was cleaned up the way I wanted before they left. Very happy to work with a company and crews that are so responsive, helpful and devoted to providing excellent service. Will definitely use them again for other work.

Judith Dykes
Judith D.

Rainbow removed a tree and ground the stump for me. The service and personnel were very professional and efficient. Cleanup was excellent, especially for the grinding (Thank you, Reggie!). There was nothing left on the lawn or street. They even fluffed up the lawn with a blower, where machines had flattened the grass. Excellent!

Steve Burghardi
Steve B.

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The 5th Annual Saluting Branches was held on Wed, Sept. 18, 2019.

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