Partnering With Rainbow Ecoscience

Our research branch, Rainbow Ecoscience, was created to provide reliable, science-backed tools to benefit the plant healthcare industry. Our mission is to preserve trees by reducing the number that need to be cut down in our community’s urban forests. For over 40 years, Rainbow Ecoscience’s research teams have partnered with leading universities to create treatment solutions to manage pests and diseases in trees that would otherwise need to be removed.

technician applying tree growth regulator to base of tree

Rainbow Ecoscience's Tree Science Research

Rainbow Ecoscience conducts more tree care research to develop tools and improve industry practices than any other company in the world. From old threats like Dutch elm disease, to new invasive species like the emerald ash borer (EAB), we actively research solutions for the most important issues facing trees and shrubs.

Supporting Other Tree Care Businesses

We provide training, equipment, products and protocols to tree care companies nationwide. Rainbow Ecoscience is dedicated to developing tools that improve operations and solve challenges presented by old and emerging issues in the tree care industry. 

Partners in Environmental Stewardship

Since treating our first elm tree for Dutch elm disease in 1976, we’ve been improving the urban forest. As a local tree care company with a nationally leading research partner, we’re able to deliver proven results so you can enjoy the many benefits trees provide. The solutions we offer are effective against their target pests, while meeting high standards for environmental safety.

To learn more, visit Rainbow Ecoscience.

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