Rainbow Treecare

Fact Sheets in PDF format:

Health & Maintenance

Advantages of Winter Pruning


Cambistat for Drought Stress Resistance

Cambistat for Injured Root Recovery

Cambistat to Reduce Growth and Increase Health

Cambistat Video


Dormant Consultation Video

Fertilization: Nutrition For Your Trees

Fertilizer Program Video

Girdling Roots

Harmful Pruning Practices

Large Property Mapping and Inventory

Mulching Benefits

Plant Health Care

Prescription Organic Matter

Professional Tree Pruning

Proper Tree Planting

Pruning Procedures

Recommended Shade Trees to Plant

Root Enhancement System

Root Enhancement System Video

Shrub Pruning

Stump Grinding

Structural Pruning

Tree Support Systems

Watering Drought Stressed Trees

Winter Injury of Conifers



Ash Flower Gall

Ash Plant Bug

Birch Leaf Miner

Black Vine Weevil

Bronze Birch Borer

Conifer Sawflies

Conifer Spider Mite

Elm Leaf Miner

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Process Video

Eriophyid Mites Of Conifers

Honeylocust Plant Bug

Japanese Beetle

Magnolia Scale

Pine Needle Scale

Preventing Infestation

Scale Insects

Spruce Gall Adelgids

Spider Mites of Deciduous Trees

Two-Lined Chestnut Borer

Zimmerman Pine Moth




Apple Scab

Apple Scab Video

Armillaria Root

Bur Oak Blight

Cedar-Hawthorn Rust

Cytospora Canker

Dothistroma Needle Blight

Dutch Elm Disease


Oak Wilt

Rhizosphaera Needle Cast

Sphaeropsis Shoot Blight and Canker

Verticillium Wilt



Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Guarantee (Arbotect)

Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Guarantee (Alamo)

Dutch Elm Disease Guarantee Differences

Emerald Ash Borer Protection Guarantee



Japanese Beetle Terms and Conditions

Services Timeline