Minnesota EAB City Partnerships

As of April 2022, Rainbow Treecare has partnered with over 35 cities throughout the Twin Cities to treat public trees in parks and along boulevards. These partnerships also include a citywide discount to private property owners. Through this discount program, property owners can treat their ash trees at a reduced price.

illustration of emerald ash borer over map of twin cities metro

The rapid decline of 20 – 30% of an entire municipal tree canopy has caused a large-scale economic and safety concern across many cities throughout the eastern US. There are numerous benefits to a municipality implementing a citywide EAB Management Program:

  • By increasing the number of treated trees in a given population, the death of untreated ash trees slows down.
  • Slowing the death rate allows for more time to fund the transition away from ash trees.
  • Safety hazards are reduced, as resources remain available for timely removal of dead trees.
  • As a property owner, you will receive a property visit and consultation with an ISA certified arborist or certified tree inspector.
  • Ash tree protection is offered at a discounted rate to property owners as part of this city partnership.
  • Lastly, the entire community benefits from the mature canopy preserved through city and homeowner participation.

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