About Rainbow

Since we began in 1976, we have built our business by being on the cutting edge of what gets the best results.  Dedicated to scientifically proven methods, we are continually educating ourselves in order to provide the most effective solutions to you.

We have a commitment to ourselves and to our clients to do excellent work and deliver extraordinary service.  We believe in ongoing improvement as we grow in the community.

Residential and Commercial Services in the Twin Cities

Tree & Plant Health Care
Lawn & Garden Care
Year-round Pest Control
Rainbow Holiday Design
Holiday Lighting Services

National Products and Services


Tree and Plant Health Care Products, Services and Equipment for Tree Care, Lawn Care, Government and Green Industries

Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements was created to provide reliable tools, backed by science, to benefit arborist practitioners and the tree health care industry. The industry is a growing market and our arborceutical products and services are shipped across the nation to a variety of clients including cities, tree care companies, lawn and landscape businesses, federal government agencies, golf courses and even national parks. More

Rainbow Treecare Vegetation Management

The Vegetation Management division is working to revolutionize the vegetation management industry by providing utilities with game-changing methodology for managing trees near power lines. We help utilities provide safe, reliable power to customers through education, research, product development, training and innovation.


Online Do-it-Yourself Education Center

Not all homeowners will hire a professional to protect their landscapes, but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less protection. PlantCare Science was created to bring predictable, science-backed products to garden centers, web stores, and other retailers. The number one goal of the website is to educate the consumer and retail professionals. More


Online Do-it-Yourself E-Commerce Community

The Tree Geek is a group of passionate certified arborists who are committed to bringing research-backed, proven, professional tree health science to the world in the service of helping people save trees. TheTreeGeek.com is the leading national do-it-yourself resource for learning about, caring for, preserving and protecting trees from insect and disease problems. The organization is creating an online community and conversations through social media about tree health. More