Fall Tips for Trees in the Twin Cities

Taking the time to prepare your landscape before winter is especially important due to our extreme temperatures in Minnesota. Fall is also a great time of year to nurture and review the structure of your trees and plan for any changes to your landscape next year. Below are some fall tips specifically for Minnesota homeowners from our experts for keeping your yard and trees healthy over the winter.

Beautiful Fall Trees

Prepare your yard for the cold winter months ahead

Here are a few tips for taking care of your lawn and trees this fall:

  • Water any new trees, bushes, and evergreens. Larger trees should be watered if the fall is dry. Be sure to water it slowly, allowing it to soak in well. Read more about proper tree watering. Stop once temperatures drop below 40 degrees).
  • Remove the leaves from your yard to avoid bare spots in your lawn next spring.
  • Protect trees and shrubs from the elements and pests:
    • Mulch in your trees and shrubs. This will help retain moisture and protect the roots for the winter.
    • Cover young trees (under 4”-5” diameter) and thin-barked trees like maples by installing a hard barrier (plastic tube, fencing, chicken wire, hardware cloth) to keep rabbits and other animals from chewing on stems.

Fall plant healthcare services for healthy trees year round:

    • Tree fertilization to support the health and vigor of your trees.
      • One example of the importance of fall fertilization is that proper amounts of potassium can reduce winter burn on evergreens.
    • Growth control to stimulate root development.
    • Set the stage for spring insect control with a fall application when needed.
    • Have a tree assessment for dormant pruning:
      • Pruning shrubs and trees regularly can help minimize damage from ice and snow.
      • Tree canopies aren’t obstructed by leaves in the fall allowing for a more complete assessment of tree structure.

Remember, healthy trees are more capable to respond and withstand attacks from insects, diseases, and harsh winters.

Contact Rainbow Treecare to have your trees evaluated for fall services!

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