Matt Nielsen

ISA Certified Arborist #MN-4926A

Bachelor of Art in Biology, Luther College

I am excited to help you care for the trees on your property to help you maintain their health and safety. Throughout my life, I have always found reasons to keep myself outdoors, including fishing, foraging, gardening, basket weaving, hiking, and a wide variety of other hobbies. This love of the outdoors led me to Luther College, a school in a beautiful natural setting where I was able to spend my time exploring my hobbies further and gain a deeper understanding of them. While working toward my degree in biology I became drawn to trees and plants in particular leading me to pursue arboriculture. While at Luther I met my wife, Abbey, who brought me to Minnesota where we live with our twin sons, our dog Jam, and six chickens.

Rainbow Treecare was a perfect place for me to end up as I am surrounded by similarly passionate people who are leaders in caring for trees in the urban setting. During my five years at Rainbow, I have worked in plant healthcare and pruning as a crew leader. I have both climbed and used pruning equipment, which helps me understand how to properly set up jobs to protect your home and keep our crews safe. I can’t wait to meet you and work to help you protect your trees by understanding their health and importance and allow you to better enjoy your property, keeping your trees looking their best.

Matt Nielsen

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