Leben McCormick

ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist #MN-0223B

B.S. Forestry, U of M

Leben received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry from the U of M in 1995. Before joining Rainbow Treecare in 1997, he worked for NSP’s line clearance department and then as an Assistant Forester for St. Louis County in northern Minnesota. Leben was certified as a Master Arborist in 2007.

I grew up in Saint Paul and chose to stay and raise my family here. Within a year of starting at Rainbow I was able to become the primary arborist covering Saint Paul. Since then, I have been to over 40% of the houses within the area I cover and love getting to know not just the trees, but the people who own them. I am passionate about the preservation of our urban forest and consider trees to be an important part of our local history. When I’m not at work, I can often be found enjoying dinner with my wife at local restaurants, hand carving wooden spoons, or planning my next trip up north to visit my grown children.

Leben McCormick

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