eab-bug-smEmerald Ash Borer

Our Treatments Can Save Your Ash Tree.

Rainbow Treecare has over 40 Certified Arborists that are experts in identifying Emerald Ash Borer and in providing ash borer treatments that will save your ash trees.  We will develop a plan for your landscape to manage this problem proactively.

Emerald Ash Borer Information

japanese-beetle-smJapanese Beetles

Japanese beetles (Popilia japonica) are invasive, chewing insects that have made their way into Minnesota.

In the Twin Cities Metro, they have become a serious threat to numerious tree species and ornamental shrubs and plants, including roses.

Japanese beetles emerge from the soil in late June through August, feeding on foliage and/or blossoms. Their presence attracts other Japanese beetles to the area (as do Japanese beetle traps), compounding the problem quickly. They have no natural predators and can skeletonize foliage in just a matter of days.

Only Rainbow offers complete protection for your trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and lawns. If you have Japanese beetles and are in the Twin Cities Metro area:
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