Health & Maintenance

Summer Stress

Being proactive in tree wellness reduces stress and keeps your trees problem-free.  Healthy trees are more capable to respond and withstand attacks from insects and diseases.

Rainbow Treecare recommends regular inspections to identify areas of concern, which provide full assessments of your trees and offer preventative measures and solutions for your trees to withstand the summer stress.

Summer brings storms with strong winds, heat and droughts that can all play a role in weakening and damaging your trees.

Winter Damage and Injury

Rainbow Treecare has treatments to repel animals and to help trees withstand the rigors of winter.

Sub-zero winter temperature, cold and dry winds, and feeding animals can damage our trees and shrubs during the winter months.

Rodent or Deer Injury
Prevent Winter Sun Damage
Salt Damage
Tree and Shrub Wrapping

We can help you with tree health and protection:
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