Why Trim/Prune Your Trees?

  • Young trees need tree trimming or pruning to develop a strong structure, especially popular trees such as autumn blaze maples and little leaf lindens as they are prone to having poor structure.
  • Remove dead wood before it decays and enters the tree.
  • Remove hazardous dead branches.
  • Clearance needed for homes and power lines.
  • Decrease risk of storm damage.
  • Proper pruning ensures trees a long, healthy life.
  • Safety for you and your neighbors.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

We Are Licensed And Insured Tree Pruners (Tree Trimmers).

Your Certified Arborist will:

  • Personally visit your tree to evaluate what pruning (tree trimming) is needed and why.
  • Offer pruning options customized for your tree and your objectives in a proposal with tree pruning (tree trimming) costs clearly itemized.
  • Email or mail your proposal and follow up with a phone call to discuss treatment and answer any of your questions.

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Tree Trimming/Pruning Estimates

When comparing tree trimming estimates consider the extent of the work recommended. Make sure the work quoted is comparable.  Here are some common pruning terms:

  • Coarse Pruning (removal of large dead branches and stubs only, At Rainbow that means 2” in diameter or larger)
  • Medium Pruning (removal of medium sized to large sized dead branches and stubs, At Rainbow that means 1” in diameter or larger.)
  • Fine Pruning (removal of all small to large dead branches and stubs. Rainbow’s standards are ½” in diameter or larger.)
  • Crossing branches (branches that are rubbing together)
  • Stacked branches (branches growing directly above each other)
  • Subordination pruning (creating good structural balance)
  • Co-dominant pruning (branches or tree trunks that are growing out of the same area)
  • Hazard branch pruning (a branch that is a danger to people or property)
  • Clearance branch pruning (eliminating branches that create interference)